DJ, producer, writer and self taught musician, its hard to summarise his contribution to Hip Hop. He was a member of Orange Krush, was Kurtis Blow’s DJ, released his own album with Def Jam, produced and co-wrote Tougher Than Leather one of RUN DMC’s biggest albums and wrote tracks and hit songs for artists from The Fat Boys to Spoonie Gee. His work has been sampled 100s of times by artists including Jay-Z, Kanye West, De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan, Coolio & Mary J. Blige and he currently tours the world playing bass for Public Enemy.


25 years at the top of the game. The World Famous DJ Cut Creator is an icon in the Hip-Hop industry.

Cut Creator is best known as the right hand man for Rap's mega star, LL COOL J. He achieved hip hop immortality in the line “What's my DJ's Name? CUT CREATOR!” from ROCK THE BELLS, one of LL Cool J`s most famous lyrics which is now embedded in hip hop culture.


Chuck was one of the first Hip Hop artists to become established along with RUN DMC, Salt N Pepa and Doug E Fresh. Chuck Chillout`s emcee skills are renowned the world over. Its 30 years of culture and realness coming across the mic when Chuck is in his flow. Always keeping a smile on the face of everyone in the crowd. Chuck Chillout is from the true school of emcees who will keep the party rocking and make everyone feel a part of it .


Founding member of Whodini, the Hip Hop trio from Brooklyn that formed in 1981 and managed by Russell Simmons. In 1984 the group released Escape.
The album ended up being certified platinum, selling over a million copies upon its release.


Movie Love first gained critical acclaim in 1989 for her cameos on Queen Latifah's Grammy Award-winning single Ladies First and then on Adeva's Ring My Bell. She then starred on the Jungle Brothers' single Doin' Our Own Dang and on De La Soul's hit single Buddy. She was signed by Warner Bros. Records, making Love one of the few British Hip Hop exports released by a major label. She has a place in Hip Hop history as a member of the Native Tongues collective including Queen Latifah, De La Soul and the Jungle Brothers. Her debut album Down To Earth spawned two Grammy-nominated hits Monie in the Middle and It's a Shame.

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